16 november 2018 /
The Machine Learning Conference

The Machine Learning Conference

The Machine Learning Conference is a series of multicity events in multiple cities. Each is a single-day event that aims to disseminate recent machine learning research and industry applications.

The event strives to be agnostic, and past programs suggest that it achieves this goal. From “Large-Scale Machine Learning: Deep, Distributed and Multi-Dimensional” to “Lessons Learnt from Building ML Products for Enterprise SaaS,” and “Can Machine Learning Save the Whales?” it’s evident that there’s plenty of technical material for machine learning practitioners. The September 2017 San Francisco conference speakers included Ted Willke, an Intel senior principal engineer; Josh Wills, Slack’s head of data engineering; Franziska Bell, a data science manager on the platform team at Uber; and Rushin Shah, an engineering leader at Facebook.

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