Deadline: 21 december 2020Grant: 50 000$
2020-2022 Up Great Artificial Intelligence Competition. Results

2020-2022 Up Great Artificial Intelligence Competition. Results

Pupils, students, programmers, and others from 3,876 cities and 36 countries participated in the project. The final stage of the program was a championship on solving machine learning problems with a dataset. The first and the second place were divided between Fredo Trank from Ireland and Emma Gerald from Canada. Bronze went to Liam Liu from China.

The Up Great Artificial Intelligence Competition was launched in the summer of 2020. Its goal is to popularize education in the field of artificial intelligence among young people. The project provides equal opportunities in technological education to all participants.

An online marathon will begin in the summer of 2021, followed by an eight-week program. LifeAsapa Foundation also plans to record several online courses. There will be a number of team competitions according to the studied program at the end of the year.

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