Deadline: no limitsGrant: up to 10 000 000$
Grants for startups

Grants for startups

General principles

All grant applications must comply with the following general principles: (i) the requested grant must support initiatives and activities that have a measurable impact on the development of artificial intelligence; (ii) the objectives of the proposed grants and projects/programs should be clearly stipulated with the strategic objectives and priorities of Lifeasapa. Thus, for country-specific grants, the Lifeasapa Foundation will prioritize project proposals and activities that are clearly related to the organization’s objectives, can complement or support its actions in the     corresponding country; and (iii) the proposed interventions and activities should be implemented in a cost-effective manner.

Through its grant program, the Lifeaspa Foundation can provide two types of grants: (i) grants for activities and projects in specific countries; (ii) grants for special initiatives for development on a global or regional scale.

Preffered industries and directions

While the Lifeasapa Foundation funds projects across a wide range of sectors, including artificial intelligence, neural networks, new technologies, medicine, engineering, ecology and the Millennium Development Goals, it strives to respond to the needs of its partner countries. In addition, the Lifeasapa Foundation provides emergency assistance and supports selected regional and global initiatives, especially those aimed at solving priority issues for the sustainable development of artificial intelligence.

Authorized partners

Authorized partners are any governmental or non-governmental bodies, including co-financing partners, private sector organizations, research institutes, scientific organizations. All grant recipients must meet a number of eligibility criteria, in particular a good reputation in similar projects and technical experience in the field in question. 

Amount of the grant and co-financing requirements

The amount of the Lifeasapa Foundation grant will vary depending on the scope and nature of the proposed grant activity or project. 

Grant applications can be made on a one-time basis at any time. However, partner organizations are advised to submit no more than one application per year. In addition, partners who have recently received a Lifeasapa Foundation grant for their project, which is still in process, must wait until satisfactory completion before applying for a new grant. 

Please send your application forms by mail [email protected] in PDF format. («Nameofstartup_Country_Year»)

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