Deadline: 05 may 2021Grant: up to 100 000 000$
Tuition fee of master’s course

Tuition fee of master’s course

Since September 1, 2017, Lifeasapa has been providing scholarships to the best masters of the university who are not citizens of the EU/EEA/USA. In 2021-2022, master’s students will share 5 scholarships. The scholarship is awarded from the Lifeasapa Foundation, which was established by the scientists of the organization.

The scholarship is awarded for the entire period of the master’s course (one or two years depending on the program). A master will only be able to receive a scholarship during the second year of study if he/she advances in  studies.

Applicants for a scholarship must apply by March 1, 2021. A student’s scholarship application will only be considered if the student has applied for one of the master’s programs.

The grant is not necessarily a full scholarship and the applicant may have to seek additional funding to cover the costs associated with tuition and accommodation.

The scholarship includes tuition fee; or tuition fee plus € 11.000 for expenses and accommodation.

Requirements for applicants

  • Be in the top 10% of the final year (all grades, test results, paperworks, letters of recommendation are taken into account);
  • Motivation letter;
  • Have a non-EU/EEA/US passport and do not receive support from Dutch grants and loans;
  • Graduate from high school and/or receive a bachelor’s degree;
  • Apply to participate in an international master’s support program. Applications are accepted from December 1, 2020. Attention, not all special fields are involved.

Required documents

Please send all the documents we need by mail [email protected] in PDF format. («Master_Surname_Country_2020»)

How to apply for participation?

After the application for the master’s program is filed, students who are not EU/EEA/US citizens can apply for a scholarship. Applications for scholarships are accepted from December 1, for this you need to:

  1. Prove that you are in the top 10% of the students in your course.
  2. Provide a written copy of the master’s research paper on technical topics, on artificial intelligence, neural networks or on the sciences of the future.

Students starting in February cannot apply for the scholarship.

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