17 march 2016
A robot with an artificial intelligence system defeated a human in Chinese Go checkers

A robot with an artificial intelligence system defeated a human in Chinese Go checkers

Google developed a program for a robot that was supposed to defeat a human in a Go game three times in a row. It should be noted that for AI Chinese checkers are not an easy task. The program was named ApphaGo.

A Chinese checkers tournament was held in Seoul. Artificial intelligence had to cope with the master of this game – Lee Sedol. He is the winner of numerous tournaments, has 18 international titles, has the status of the world champion in the Go game.

The program was developed by DeepMind, owned by Google. In the course of the game, AI won with a score of 3:0. This achievement was even published by the BBC.

In total, the tournament should consist of five games. Since the artificial intelligence won three games in a row, it received a complete victory in the tournament without the need to continue playing Go.

The Chinese checkers game for the computer itself is much more difficult compared to chess. This is why Lee Sedol was initially confident that the AI would not be able to defeat him.

The Go game was invented in ancient China. The exact date is unknown, but scientists agree that it was 2-5 thousand years ago. The game requires two participants. They take turns placing white and black stones, trying to fence off a large part of the playing field with stones of their color. In this case, you need to surround the opponent’s stones.

After the loss, Lee Sedol apologized to reporters for his own powerlessness in this competition with AI. He said that despite his tremendous experience in playing Go, he had not previously felt such strong pressure from the opponent. He stated that even his championship skills are not enough to defeat the program.

The founder of DeepMind stated that the entire team was surprised and shocked by such outcome of the game. He called the AlphaGo victory a  true historic moment in robotics.

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