06 january 2019
A supermarket chain in Poland implements AI

A supermarket chain in Poland implements AI

A Polish supermarket chain Żabka is actively preparing to integrate artificial intelligence into their work. The management intends to simplify customer service with the help of AI. To do this, the chain allied with a US technology company, AiFi.

The stores of the Żabka chain are expected to work round-the-clock. And instead of registers, an AI system with a synthesis sensor will be implemented. Its task is to analyze and detect what a customer is doing. To pay for the products a customer will have to use a card. Implementation of this technology will make the work of sales managers and franchisers much easier: they will receive the information on current sales and notifications about the need to replenish the product stock on the shelves.

By using AI, the Żabka chain intends to expand the number and possibilities of the “container” stores, i.e. to make all their stores completely self-service. Currently such stores work in coastal Polish towns, but they work seasonally.

The development of AI by AiFi employees is bound to change the situation and make all the chain stores work in self-service mode 24/7 all year round. It is estimated that the first prototype store equipped with AI and sensors will be launched by the end of 2019. Żabka exists as a retail supermarket chain in Poland since 1998 and has over 4.7K stores all over the country.

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