09 june 2020
Artificial intelligence needs sleep too – scientists

Artificial intelligence needs sleep too – scientists

After continuous learning, neural networks need rest, just like humans. Scientists were convinced of this by conducting a special experiment.

American scientists in the course of the study found that neural networks, like humans, need sleep. This helps them to work stably.

Because artificial intelligence (AI) learns continuously, it can overload and crash. However, this problem will not arise if the AI ​​provides a rest system similar to the sleep cycles in humans.

Experts conducted an experiment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy.

AI started to crash after long training. Then scientists subjected the neural network to a state similar to the waves that our brain experiences in sleep.

Such a rest, according to one of the authors of the work Yizing Watkins, had a beneficial effect on AI – it remained stable and did not hallucinate.

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