13 november 2019
Artificial intelligence taught to diagnose cancer

Artificial intelligence taught to diagnose cancer

The latest scientific development will be able to determine

oncological disease at an early stage. This will save a huge number of human lives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will now help specialists detect cancer at the earliest stages.

Microsoft Corp. has partnered with medical company SRL Diagnostics to develop the latest AI tool

Initially, AI will help doctors detect cervical cancer. However, later, the developers promise, it will be able to detect other types and forms of cancer.

Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have provided the AI ​​with “several thousand annotated cervical smear images.” This will help the modern program to instantly identify any anomalies in the human body.

The AI ​​will immediately send an appropriate signal to doctors, who can take a closer look on the slides, which caused the concern of the smart program.

First, AI testing will take place in India. In case of positive results, the know-how will begin to be used in other countries.

Scientists assure that their development will be able to detect cancer even at the earliest stages of its development. And this will save a large number of lives.

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