07 march 2016
China will test its autonomous car in the USA

China will test its autonomous car in the USA

The innovation may go on sale as early as 2018.

Chinese Baidu search giant plans to test its autonomous car on American roads.

BMW 3-Series sedans will be used for the tests. Production of a commercial version of the vehicle may begin as early as 2018.

It is planned to use American department of the company when developing the innovation. In particular, Andrew Ng, the current head of Baidu’s Silicon Valley research department, will play a significant role in this process. He was previously known for his role in founding the Coursera educational platform and scientific activities in the field of creating artificial intelligence.

Andrew Ng has appealed to the American authorities and stated the importance of making changes to the road infrastructure. According to the scientist, this would allow to solve some of the practical problems in the operation of autonomous cars.

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