26 january 2018
Chinese experts are creating an AI-development park

Chinese experts are creating an AI-development park

Scientists from Beijing declared that in 2023 they plan to create and open a technology park aimed at AI development. This was officially confirmed by the local authorities as well.

The park will be located in the Mentougou district in the Western part of Beijing. It is estimated that the project will take up almost 55 ha of space. It requires quite a big investment — 13.8 billion yuans, which is equivalent to 2.1 billion dollars. The technopark should have about 400 businesses working, and the total amount of annual profit should figure up to about 50 billion yuans (7.7 billion dollars).

The development of this park will be conducted by a company under the scientific center Zhongguancun, also known as the Chinese Silicon Valley. The center was opened in the 1950s and was aimed at integration of science and education all over China.

In the future park there will be a place not only for AI research and development. Here they will work on ultrafast transmission of data in big volumes, cloud technologies, deep learning of AI systems, and biometric identity recognition. The technology park will be equipped with a 5G network, cloud storages and a supercomputer. 

The technopark will build partnerships with national and foreign universities, research centers and big corporations in the field of innovative technologies. The creators of the park intend to engage them to open even more research centers.

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