01 july 2020
In Australia, couples will breed artificial intelligence

In Australia, couples will breed artificial intelligence

Divorce in Australia often drags on for months and leads to costly litigation when both parties cannot come to an agreement.

Australia’s National Legal Aid Launches New Amica AI-Powered Online Service for Couples Who Decide To Divorce

“AI will look for a suitable solution for each couple, objectively assessing the property and interests of former partners. Among other things, Amica will help avoid emotional conversations and inconvenient meetings, as it will act as an intermediary between the two parties and will store all information in the cloud,” the Australian government said.

Project leader Gabriel Canny believes AI will reduce the legal costs of divorce proceedings, simplify the work of law firms and reduce the burden on the courts.

“People will be able to solve their problems without spending tens of thousands of dollars on lengthy legal battles,” explained Canny.

The main advantage of AI in divorce, the authors of the project call it impartiality.

The federal government has funded the project in the amount of AU $ 3 million

It is reported that the project will be available free of charge until the end of the year, and from January 2021, the use of the service will become paid and will cost up to 440 Australian dollars per divorcing couple. This money, according to the developer, will be used to improve the service.

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