27 july 2020
Intelligent robotics acceleration program winners announced

Intelligent robotics acceleration program winners announced

In 2018, the LifeASAPA once again provided an opportunity for young startups to offer their projects to the world. The winners of the robotics development contest received a grant of $ 1 580 000 and work in the company’s laboratory.

About the contest

The LifeASAPA has teamed up with the Internet Initiatives Development Fund to launch a project acceleration program in the field of intelligent robotics. The contest was aimed at finding fresh ideas, technology developments with the artificial intelligence. The emphasis was on the functionality of the presented prototypes, their dimensions, type of construction, and the quality of the project. Startup teams got the opportunity to work in the LifeASAPA laboratory for three months. In the workshops, the developers implemented the proposed projects, constantly communicating directly with the customer. If the team receives an offer from the laboratory’s business units, it can complete the prototype and implement a pilot version of the robot. The Soliman company team got the most attention from the Lifeasapa Foundation. Startup developers presented a new concept of a home robotic assistant with a built-in voice assistant.

The benefit of the development

Modern robotic equipment is increasingly entering our lives, making it more comfortable. The robot assistant can independently order the delivery of groceries and non-food items, control appliances and lighting in the house. The personal robot recognizes and synthesizes speech, simulates “intelligent” dialogue. Internet connection makes it possible to use information resources, cloud support to expand storage. Opportunities of the home assistant:
  • sets alarm clocks for each family member;
  • reads the latest news, reports on changes in weather conditions;
  • performs the task of the search engine, answers the owner’s questions;
  • manages the music, includes your selected tracks;
  • responds to the commands.
The home robot not only acts as an assistant, but also knows how to joke and maintain a dialogue. Development will simplify and diversify life, remove some of the household chores. The robot will wake you up, call a taxi to work, and warn you about possible rain. The assistant can be used not only at home, but also in offices, at events. Companies that use artificial intelligence develop significantly faster and sidestep competitors. The introduction of robotic technology made it possible to effectively organize time management, remove a number of routine tasks from employees that distract from work.

New possibilities for the contest winners

We are proud to have met talented scientists who can change the world in the nearest future. Funding developers with a grant of $ 1 580 000 will allow the robot to be fully designed and adjusted to the needs of the organization. In the future, developers will be able to work directly with customers and investors, and get jobs in large corporations and laboratories. We want not only to help with the implementation of ideas of the contestants, but also with introduction of innovations in various spheres of life to facilitate the manual work of people.

The LifeASAPA grants

The LifeASAPA International European company has been developing science and technology since 2013. We finance youth scientific projects, allowing them to develop, introduce technologies based on artificial intelligence in the work of large corporations and the lives of ordinary people. Today, the demand for the LifeASAPA services has grown several times: developments and ideas are of great benefit to organizations of different profiles, including large corporations. To provide quality services, we carefully select partners from among young and promising AI specialists. The implemented projects and developments of our association are already used by leading companies in the pharmaceutical, oil, aviation, auto and other industries. Therefore, in 2017, we began to accept grant applications for scientists and amateurs who make discoveries in the field of neural networks and develop artificial intelligence. If you want to be successful in your projects, start developing your own business, and have unimplemented projects – apply to receive a large grant. Every year we allocate from $ 10 000 for product developments and researches. The organization also teams up with investors and development funds to attract more talented scientists who do not have the opportunity to realize their ideas. The LifeASAPA grants are a great chance to be successful in promoting your projects.

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