11 september 2019
LifeASAPA projects: the main goal is the development of world science

LifeASAPA projects: the main goal is the development of world science

Often, when funding is needed, people go to various organizations, present their ideas in the hope of getting a grant. A great opportunity is to get money from the LifeASAPA. Up to two million dollars are allocated for new projects. The projects started back in 2017 and during this time not only gained popularity, but also contributed to the development of the scientific field. The grants are aimed at young people who show promise and offer interesting ideas, as well as companies and organizations. According to various programs, the allocated money in the form of one-time grants is intended for non-profit organizations, local councils that finance such projects. Each grant has its own individual set of requirements. You can take part in several programs at once. The LifeASAPA team has set the main goal – to contribute to the development of world science by attracting new revolutionary and interesting ideas. In return, the grant is a material reward for people who really contributed to the development of science.

About the company

The LifeASAPA is an international organization that started its activities back in 2013. During its existence, the company has managed to consolidate its own position and make the name for itself in the scientific field. The LifeASAPA team consists of highly qualified professionals who managed to develop and formulate a clear plan. Investors entrust their own commercial projects to the company, and the LifeASAPA is doing its best to develop modern science, taking into account all today’s realities.

The main projects

One of the first large projects of the company is “Virtual reality technologies in medical and social rehabilitation”. In 2017, this project became the winner of the grant “2018 contest of ideas from the LifeASAPA”. The project is really important and has great social significance. It is aimed at people with disabilities. Participants are given a unique opportunity to regain lost skills using the most modern VR technologies. As part of the project, they visited different virtual places – apartments, shops, pharmacies and even football field. This helped to work out the scenarios of actions and return them to normal life.

2018 contest of ideas from the LifeASAPA

The idea of ​​the contest is very interesting and exciting. Participants must predict real threats in a five-year perspective. For this, a specific area has been taken – the interaction of humans and robots through VR technologies. Based on the forecasts made, it is necessary to develop and present a number of protective solutions that can eliminate or at least minimize a potential hazard. The prize fund of the contest was about $ 2 million. The winners had a unique opportunity to continue developing their ideas in the best LifeASAPA laboratory.


As you can see, the LifeASAPA has a lot of grant projects. All of them are important, especially in the field of the development of science and modern technologies. Our company feels real pride in its members, is happy with their achievements and is ready to further contribute to the implementation and development of new revolutionary ideas, support organizations/companies/projects that want and, most importantly, can develop, work for the benefit of science, to make this world better, but they do not have material opportunities for this.

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