16 july 2018
Microsoft AI named one of the finalists of the World Cup 2018

Microsoft AI named one of the finalists of the World Cup 2018

Microsoft created an AI system Bing that determined with a high degree of probability a finalist of the FIFA World Cup of 2018.

AI Bing made an assessment, according to which the World Cup finalists should be the teams of England and France. The app gave the prognosis before the semi-final game between the Belgian and the French teams. France came out as a winner and, consequently, became the first finalist. Bing predicted the victory for this team with a 56% chance.

As for the game between the French and the English teams, AI predicted the win for England with a 62% chance. All AI predictions were made before the group stage started. The game between Sweden and England was held on July 7, and way before that the Microsoft AI predicted the British win. Up until recently Bing considered Brazil to be the best team. Among the teams that made it to quarterfinals this team had the highest chance for the main prize — almost 30%. However, it was in the game against the Belgians in a quarterfinal when Brazil lost.

When predicting the results for the World Cup 2014, the Mictrosoft AI made much more accurate predictions than the Google AI. 15 out of 16 predictions about play-off games were correct, including the final game between the Germans and the Argentineans.

For its predictions, the Bing AI collects and analyzes information within the wide range of criteria. Among those are the previous team’s success, location of the game, weather, posts and commentaries of the fans in social media.

Before the World Cup started, an AI created by an investment bank Goldman Sachs also made its predictions. But all of them were false: the AI said that the semi-finalists should be Brazil, France, Germany and Portugal, and the cup should be won by the Brazilians.

To recap, the place of the first finalist was taken by the French team. Before that, France made it to the final of the World Cup only twice – in 1998 and 2006.

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