26 may 2020
News Agency in China Creates Virtual Presenter

News Agency in China Creates Virtual Presenter

The artificial intelligence virtual reporter has successfully replaced the live TV presenter in the newscast.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua has an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual journalist in its state.

The viewers liked the smart bot, and now the virtual employee hosts news programs on one of the TV channels

Not so long ago, a new AI bot appeared on the Chinese TV air – Xin Xiaowei, developed by specialists from Sogou.

Virtual Xin Xiaowei is a copy of Zhao Wanwei’s real leading agency. The bot is made using the most modern technologies and looks very realistic. It not only looks like its prototype. Xin Xiaowei even has a voice like Zhao Wanwei.

The virtual journalist goes on the air and talks about the events of the day.

Sogou engineers say that soon their artificial intelligence bots will be able to replace journalists who report directly from the scene.

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