18 march 2020
Researchers have taught a computer how to smell

Researchers have taught a computer how to smell

Intel experts taught artificial intelligence to smell. The machine can now detect poisons and toxins by smell.

Scientists from Intel Labs and Cornell University have taught artificial intelligence to recognize smells. So, the machine is now able to identify the smell of 10 hazardous chemicals. This will help to safely detect poisons and toxins.

Intel’s neuromorphic Loihi chip learned every flavor the first time and unmistakably. To do this, the researchers used a dataset of activity from 72 chemical sensors.

“We are developing neural algorithms for Loihi that mimic what happens in your brain when you feel something. This work is a shining example of modern research at the interface of neuroscience and artificial intelligence and demonstrates the sensory capabilities of Loihi that can benefit humanity.” – said one of the researchers Intel Nabil Imam.

Experts have endowed the chip with a specialized spike neural network with 130 thousand “neurons”. The brain-like structure of the chip plus neurobiological algorithms gave the machine an electronic “nose.”

Intel stressed that their invention will help people when checking hazardous and explosive substances. Also, the chip is useful for doctors in diagnosing diseases based on certain criteria.

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