19 january 2021
Results of the “Digital solutions for large companies” contest

Results of the “Digital solutions for large companies” contest

In 2019, the LifeASAPA started to improve corporations’ performance by using artificial intelligence in production. A grant of $ 600 000 was allocated for the development of projects, which made it possible to fully implement the prototype.

Contest purpose

In order to optimize the work of business companies, the LifeASAPA laboratory conducted a selection of technological projects on the “Digital solutions for large companies” topic.

The competition tasks were:

  • using artificial intelligence for data analysis;
  • increasing the efficiency of production;
  • application of VR/AR, HR technologies to optimize the work of the enterprise.

Digital technologies are increasingly entering various industries. According to our research, many companies are already on their way to digital transformation. The widespread introduction of robots, chat bots, analysis of large amounts of data allows eliminating the human factor and the risk of error.

About the contest winner

The selection winner was Fay Osborne, a graduate student who offered a unique feedback service for companies’ websites. The platform goal is expanding the target audience of the corporation, optimizing the production process.

The project will improve the company’s reputation, interest and attract new customers, and establish partnerships with global brands. We have allocated $ 600 000 for the implementation of the innovative platform, which will be needed to develop and launch the program.

Implementation of the project in the work of companies

The LifeASAPA will work with developers to help organizations increase profits, scale up production, enter the global market, and start cooperation with experienced partners.

Functions performed by the contestant’s project:

  1. Feedback service will allow the company to adjust to the needs of customers, learn about their preferences. Thus, manufacturers will improve the “The customer always has right” strategy by increasing the number of potential buyers.
  2. The NPS consumer loyalty index shows the attitude of customers to the company, the level of trust and interest. Regular monitoring of this parameter will allow you to correct mistakes in advertising, supply of goods, and improve relations between the company and the consumer.
  3. Brand reputation. Increased production safety, established relationships with customers, relevant and effective advertising of services or products set the company apart the competitors.

Standard methods of obtaining feedback in the form of questionnaires and online mailings are losing their effectiveness. Users refuse to complete testing, so the response rate is too low to get a reliable result.

The NPS index will show whether the client is ready to once again turn to the services of the company and recommend it to friends. The use of developments based on artificial intelligence will allow you to get reliable feedback, improve relationships with customers, and set up advertising correctly.

Further career growth of the contest winner

In case of successful implementation of the feedback service, the contest winner will be able to cooperate with large corporations from different industries.

A grant in the amount of $ 600 000 will enable the girl to bring the development of the platform to the ideal, to work out development strategies for various production areas. The use of digital technologies will reduce expenses and increase system performance.

We want to support young scientists and are proud to work with IT professionals. Many companies are already ready to fund commercial AI-based developments to improve their own service and production.

Opportunities of the LifeASAPA grants

We give grants to young and talented scientists who have fresh ideas for introducing artificial intelligence into commercial projects, but they do not have opportunities for their implementation.

The LifeASAPA is engaged in training talented and promising students, supports career growth, and provides an opportunity to get a job in large organizations. We strive to develop science and technologies, help corporations and developers to work in cooperation.

We collaborate with startup teams every year and provide them with funding. The projects of our partners is being actively implemented in the oil, digital, pharmaceutical, aviation and other industries.

To increase the amount of the grant, we team up with investors and financial partners interested in developing programs based on VR technologies and AI. Getting a grant from the LifeASAPA is an opportunity to make the world a better place by taking one more step towards the digital future.

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