12 august 2020
Scientists have made sound visible

Scientists have made sound visible

Experts have used artificial intelligence, and now this modern technology can become a huge breakthrough for medicine.

Swiss scientists have made sound visible in high-resolution images. Visualization allows you to depict an object using the analysis of light and sound waves.

Scientists have combined two technologies for visualization

One of the technologies is a combination of metamaterials with which visualization is created. Metamaterials focus wavelengths fairly accurately, but their effectiveness is diminished by accidentally absorbing other signals. Then the experts called for artificial intelligence, which helped to solve the problem.

During the study, a lattice of 64 mini-speakers was made. And the scientists were able to get a visualization of the sound that came from the speakers.

Experts note that their invention will help to make a breakthrough in medicine, as doctors will be able to make the necessary accurate acoustic visualizations even through dense bone Fabric.

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