18 april 2017
SEO robots are the future reality according to the Alibaba Group founder

SEO robots are the future reality according to the Alibaba Group founder

Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba Group, made a guess that there will be “decades of pain” in the future as advanced technologies and Internet opportunities will impact the economy. He made such a statement at the China Entrepreneurs Club meeting.

The billionaire focuses on the fact that in the next 30 years, humanity will see more pain than joy and happiness. He attributes this to the fact that people will be driven out of their jobs by robots, which will probably even be able to perform the functions of a leader. Jack Ma gives an example that after three decades, Time may call the robot the best SEO expert and even place it on the cover. This is due to the fact that the AI ​​robot remembers better, calculates faster, makes predictions based on global data analysis and does not conflict with competitors.

To minimize the negative consequences of fast automation, it is necessary to implement a reform of the educational system, focusing on methods of interaction with robotic systems with artificial intelligence.

Jack Ma emphasizes that people cannot be completely replaced by robots. Robots only have to do what people cannot. Only in this way, in his opinion, we can get a balance, when robots remain partners, and not replace people.

The founder of Alibaba Group notes that before he drew public attention to how e-commerce affects the classic business, but then no one listened to his words. Back in the early 2000s, he argued that the Internet would affect all industries. And now you can clearly see that Jack Ma was right.

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