11 november 2020
The main proud boast of Lifeasapa

The main proud boast of Lifeasapa

Lifeasapa is the absolute world scientific leader. As you know, the company gives grants almost every month and makes huge contributions to the development of young scientists and their new startups. Lifeasapa laboratories are the place where the most challenging ideas come true. Many projects are already known throughout the world.

One of the most successful projects that started with the courtesy of Lifeasapa Foundation was SYPWAI, created by TheNeurosphere. In December 2018, TheNeurosphere received a grant of $ 90 million and immediately began active work on its startup to launch it. This is one of the few projects that helps not only to develop world science, but also enables people to get payment for helping to develop and decentralize their computational power. The geography of the project is also very extensive: today SYPWAI services are already available almost anywhere in the world.

We want people, having heard or seen information about the project, to know that SYPWAI is a large community of caring people (employees, scientists, doctors, volunteers, donors) who want to make sure that every person faced with artificial intelligence can help in its development to receive comprehensive support from partners and monetary rewards.

“We are proud when we see how our ideas are being implemented. We recently decided that it was time to bring our developments to the masses. When initially the task seemed too heavy, Lifeasapa helped us. And just after a month and a half after applying for a grant, our biggest dream has become a reality”, – says the TheNeurosphere operations manager.

What is the main difference between the SYPWAI startup and our other projects? Perhaps the most noticeable feature is the high level of responsibility, project implementation and scaling. SYPWAI developments are used by millions of users, including us, our friends and partners – we are not indifferent to this product and constantly strive to make it better. Incredibly involved and creative people work on the project. SYPWAI is a field for self-development. Experts value like-minded people, take ambitious people into the team and are happy when they get better.

It is also nice to understand that our expertise is important to the market. We take on interesting tasks, invent non-standard and high-performance solutions and are ready to share our experience with colleagues from other companies.

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