07 november 2018
A diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence

A diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence

The constantly improving characteristics of systems based on artificial intelligence make it possible to expand their scope of application everywhere, even in industries such as medicine, where the probability of error must be eliminated completely. At first glance, this application seems simply necessary in a surgical intervention to eliminate the human factor in operations that require increased accuracy, but our association’s specialists have focused on early diagnosis of diseases.
The human body is a very complex mechanism, whose smooth operation depends on a huge number of factors. The diagnoses made by narrow-minded doctors are not always true, and a consilium of specialists from different fields is extremely sensitive to the coherence of their work together, and often takes considerable time. The medical diagnostic complex developed by our specialists has no such shortcomings, but this is not its main advantage. The main feature of the system is the processing of significant clusters of information and determining the relationship between various factors. Even the seemingly smallest of these factors are taken into account. The effectiveness of such diagnostics has exceeded the developers’ most daring expectations.
For example, the diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence made the first successful diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages. By recognising changes in metabolism, hormonal background and areas of nerve tissue in the brain, AI is able to detect the development of this disease 6 years earlier than using methods based on tomography. And at this early stage, it is possible not only to slow down dementia, but also to stop it completely.
The development of artificial intelligence technology in this direction, in the long term, is able not only to detect the development of various diseases at their earliest stages, but also to prevent their occurrence in principle.

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