17 august 2018
A new system based on AI and VR will allow servicing hazardous facilities

A new system based on AI and VR will allow servicing hazardous facilities

Life ASAPA Corporation announced the development of an advanced solution for remote control of robotic systems in complex and dangerous environments.

The system is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. The key components of the complex are a control panel, a set of sensors and video cameras, on-board electrical computers for installation on a robotic platform, a lidar, a high-speed wireless control channel, and a repeater to increase the communication range.

The operator interacts with the robotic complex remotely using VR-glasses: through them, readings from sensors and images from cameras are displayed. At the same time, AI tools allow you to automatically identify and highlight the objects with which robotics works.

The platform is developed by the best specialists of Life ASAPA. The system is expected to find applications in a wide variety of areas. This can be the extraction and production of nuclear fuel, maintenance of reactors of nuclear power plants, monitoring of radiation background at storage facilities for irradiated nuclear fuel, elimination of accidents in mines without human intervention, solving special problems, etc.

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