04 june 2020
A smart home makes coffee, looks after your health and talks to you

A smart home makes coffee, looks after your health and talks to you

In 2020, the global market for digital solutions for smart homes has sank. However, Smart Home’s intelligent management technologies continued to gain momentum. Let’s talk about the most interesting things.

  • Smart Home as part of the Internet of Things (IoT)
    In the morning you will be awakened by your favourite music, the blinds will open themselves and the water in the shower will already turn on at a comfortable temperature. As soon as you enter the kitchen, the TV will turn on, and the table will have freshly brewed coffee and crispy toasts. All of this is due to the Internet of Things IoT, whose global market volume in 2020 was $742 billion.
  • Monitoring of health status
    Clever pillows, mattresses and blankets measure body parameters during sleep and transmit data to the application. These smart devices help to get rid of snoring, monitor sleep pathologies and control temperature and breathing frequency.
  • Homemade robots
    This is not about primitive robot hoovers. It’s about “social” robots that perform simple tasks – making coffee or tea, keeping the conversation going. A good example is Temi home. It uses AI for face and voice recognition and has a virtual assistant.
  • Security systems
    Today, specialized software is increasingly being used to protect a smart home from hacker attacks, as well as smart locks such as Tuya Smart, air, water and power quality monitoring systems. The only weak link is digital protection of the system. And this area will be one of the most in demand in the coming years.
  • Voice control
    Lamps can now be switched on by voice, alarms can be activated and electronic devices can be controlled. At the same time, voice assistants with AI technology recognize the language, self-learn and adapt to the occupants.
  • Energy management
    Smart home energy management systems (HEMS) are a response to the global environmental crisis. New-generation meters in tandem with Devolo hardware help manage the home energy supply. For example, the system starts laundry at a time when electricity is cheaper.

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