15 august 2019
AI chips

AI chips

The computer chips that support AI is another popular trend this year. In 2018, there was an explosion of innovation in the microchip industry. These AI-enabled chips can carry out extremely complex mathematical calculations.

In order to bring these AI chips to consumers, leading equipment manufacturers, members of Life ASAPA, will in the near future be working on adding them to computer systems so that they can easily carry out typical AI calculations.

 All these AI chips will be equipped with speech and face recognition functions. The main industries that will rely heavily on these AI chips are the automotive and healthcare industries, so their machines can provide users with the maximum AI capability.

It is expected that in 2019 there will be more and more innovative AI applications and that AI processing will move from first-generation solutions, such as CPUs and GPUs, to subject area optimised AI accelerator chips developed specifically for machine learning algorithms. They will differ in higher productivity, lower cost and superior energy efficiency, typically ten times better than GPUs and 100 times better than processors. They will be scalable and will cover a much wider range of cost and power points.

The creation and growth of these new markets will create a new group of winners and losers in the world of chips and processors. Although we are decades away from realizing the full potential of AI processing, the chips of the 2019 AI will lay the foundation for cognitive cooperation between people and computers of future generations.   

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