15 november 2017
AI technologies that will change your business in the future

AI technologies that will change your business in the future

In 2017, new AI-powered technologies are poised to change the way companies interact with themselves and their customers. Chatbots, IoT devices, predictive analytics, and virtual reality are changing business processes now, and their impact on the business landscape will only increase in the future.


Intelligent agents, voice assistants, and chatbots will be an important part of the next wave of user interfaces. So far, smart chatbots like Siri and Cortana are actively used for mobile devices, but in the near future they will be used everywhere. These smart assistants will help you check in at the airport, answer any questions from users in the online store, and learn how to take orders in fast food restaurants.

Internet of things

No one doubts the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. But so far no one undertakes to establish the time when this will happen. But the fact that you need to prepare for the arrival of the IoT now in 2017 is a fact. This technology is present in mobile devices, cars, home appliances, equipment, and others. Enterprises use it to control supply chains, inventory management, logistics, and study user preferences. IoT is increasingly used in smart homes, in sensors and sensors that track energy consumption.

Big data and predictive analytics

Big data technology is confidently entering big business in 2017. The amount of data processed by this technology develops into quality. Now the emphasis is on the accumulation of external data from social networks, and chatbots and IoT replenish the collection of information. However, along with the growth of data volumes, there will be privacy problems. Therefore, companies must to find ways to solve them.

Augmented / virtual reality (AR / VR)

AR / VR in 2017 is no longer perceived as technology exclusively for gaming. Many companies are already using them for training, communications, marketing purposes. This trend will only intensify in the future. The number of VR devices will grow, which will lead to lower prices. According to most experts, the rapid evolution of this kind of devices and applications for them will continue until 2021.

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