18 january 2017
AI will recognize faces with surveillance cameras

AI will recognize faces with surveillance cameras

Japanese company Hitachi has developed an innovative artificial intelligence-based facial recognition system. It works in tandem with CCTV cameras and is able to recognize a person in a second, even if he is far from the camera, and the view of his face is significantly difficult.

The smart system takes into account more than a hundred different parameters, including the gender of a person, the color of clothes, etc. It literally scans everyone who passes in front of the security camera. It is enough for an eyewitness to describe a white man in jeans and a red shirt, and the AI ​​system will immediately begin analyzing the video data. It will automatically switch from one camera to another and track the object online.

At the same time, a large crowd of people is not a problem for the new system – it is able to recognize a person from 36 million people. AI easily observes and records movements in crowded places – shopping centers, train stations, airports. It does not matter where the tracked person is or how difficult the view is, Hitachi can recognize a person in less than a second. The portrait is fixed within 30 degrees from the frontal plane.

The system is planned for delivery in 2018 and to use it actively at airports and railway stations to track suspicious people and look for lost children. The widespread introduction of this technology will greatly simplify the work of the police and enterprise security, minimizing human error. It is possible that some government agencies and institutions will want to use artificial intelligence to find debtors, tax evaders, and fines.

Hitachi’s facial identification system will make spying on you a reality. By the way, any image taken with a smartphone or camera can be uploaded to the system and match. And in the future, this technology will be more active in ready-made video surveillance kits.

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