28 january 2019
Artificial Intelligence Games

Artificial Intelligence Games

The issue of a universal method of diagnosing and training artificial intelligence has long been raised by the developers of our association. In the end, they came to the conclusion that since neural networks and genetic algorithms duplicate the work of the brain and nervous system, training and testing programmes can be one way of teaching artificial intelligence as well as for people. Developments in this area have shown high results and great prospects.
The company Unity subsequently launched a similar method, creating the Obstacle Tower game specifically for artificial intelligence. This game determines the level of AI algorithm complexity and its ability to learn itself. With each level, the game varies in its complexity in an unpredictable order. Moreover, when the levels are repeated, they are regenerated to avoid repetitions.
The algorithms tested in the game have been tested on several criteria, including the speed at which levels are passed, the number of repetitions needed to successfully pass a level, individual ability to pass as many levels as possible, and so on.
In general, such game methods of testing and training systems based on artificial intelligence have proven to be an effective tool with great potential. At least a large number of developers are already interested in this area, especially the best of them will receive solid rewards and grants.

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