15 january 2018
Artificial intelligence understands what is read better than a person

Artificial intelligence understands what is read better than a person

One of the main objectives of our association’s specialists is to develop artificial intelligence as close to the human brain as possible, with all its computational advantages over the human brain. And while in an increasing number of areas automated intellectual systems have replaced the human brain, in areas such as art, intuition and subtle understanding of things, the human brain has remained beyond competition.
But the algorithms developed by our scientists are getting closer to these human qualities every time. Chinese developers also began to be guided by such developments, creating an artificial intelligence capable of understanding the essence of the text read better than a human being.
This advantage was helped to determine the benchmark test for evaluating the skills of intelligent artificial systems, developed by specialists from Stanford University, which includes about one hundred thousand questions. As a result, the machine scored 82.4 points in this test, while the best person scored 82.3 points. Approximately the same level was achieved by artificial intelligence from Microsoft, which passed the test a little later and scored 82.7.
Such dynamics in the development of intelligent systems allow us to assume the nearest leap in technical progress. The results show that it is possible to involve artificial intelligence in the process of invention and creation.

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