12 september 2018
Artificial intelligence will help in creating aircraft engines

Artificial intelligence will help in creating aircraft engines

The international corporation Life ASAPA reports that the world is beginning to use an artificial intelligence (AI) system that will help in creating aircraft engines.

The new platform will track the production of the powertrain and allow modeling of their tests in a virtual environment. This will significantly reduce the number of real tests, improve the quality of the products produced and accelerate the production process.

 The report says that the platform consists of several elements, which include a workstation for data entry, a central repository of information  and an artificial intelligence module.

A database with key detail parameters and information on previous tests is used for artificial intelligence training.

The platform assesses the characteristics of parts and components of the powertrain. Artificial intelligence analyzes the data and predicts how successful the real engine tests collected from such parts under given conditions will be.

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