20 february 2018
Diagnostics for everyone

Diagnostics for everyone

An increasing number of large global companies are interested in the development of our medical association. One of the actively developing areas is primary diagnostic tools available to the general public. Such technologies are in great demand in the world community, as they save time and money for the average citizen and are able to prevent the emergence of serious diseases.
Here and such giant as Google, having convinced in wide application of diagnostic systems on the basis of artificial intelligence, has engaged in working out of the forecast of diseases on an eye retina. This was based on the existing function of user recognition by his or her eyeball. Armed with medical research, the company’s specialists developed an algorithm capable of identifying diseases and pathologies associated with the cardiovascular system. Moreover, the programme is capable of predicting the risk of their occurrence.
The accuracy of such predictions is comparable to the best modern methods, and given the simplicity with which the diagnosis is made, this method benefits its analogues significantly. Even a classic method such as SCORE, Google’s Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Prediction System, is only 2 per cent less accurate than the previous one, with a total score of 70 per cent.
There are no boundaries in the development of artificial intelligence, just like in science as a whole. According to this, the conglomeration of specialists of our association and developers of leading companies in the world are able to raise diagnostic methods to a qualitatively different level in the foreseeable future.

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