18 may 2016
Introduction to the processing of natural language

Introduction to the processing of natural language

The area of research that focuses on the interaction between human language and computer is called natural language processing, or NLP for short.
NLP is the way that computers can analyse, understand and extract meaning from the human language in a reasonable and useful way. Using NLP, developers can systematize and structure knowledge to perform tasks such as automatic generalization, translation, named entity recognition, extracting relationships, tonality analysis, speech recognition and thematic segmentation.
In addition to the usual word processor operations, which consider text to be a simple sequence of characters, NLP considers the hierarchical structure of the language: a few words make up a phrase, a few phrases make up a sentence and, ultimately, sentences convey ideas.
NLP is used to analyse the text, allowing machines to understand how people speak. This human-to-computer interaction makes it possible to use real-world applications such as automatic text summing up, tone analysis, theme extraction, named entity recognition, speech part tags, relationship extraction, root extraction and much more. NLP is usually used for intelligent text analysis, machine translation and automatic answer to questions.
NLP algorithms are usually based on machine learning algorithms. Instead of manually coding large sets of rules, NLP can rely on machine learning to automatically learn these rules by analysing a set of examples (i.e. a large body such as a book, up to a set of sentences) and drawing a static conclusion. In general, the more data is analysed, the more accurate the model will be.
Global revenue from the natural language processing (NLP) market is predicted to grow rapidly over the next few years.
There is no doubt that we will continue to see improved human interaction with the machine and NLP integrated into many aspects of our daily lives. From smart assistants on the market today to standalone cars in the near future, there is no doubt that NLP will play an important role in all the technologies that lead us into the future.

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