06 december 2017
TOP 5 most interesting projects based on AI in 2017

TOP 5 most interesting projects based on AI in 2017

2017 was full of discoveries and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, but we decided to pay special attention to the most notable projects based on AI algorithms.

Algorithm for removing or changing the background of an image

Previously, Photoshop or Photo Master was most often used for these purposes. You had to sweat with these programs, but due to the new algorithm, you can do a rather painstaking work in a couple of clicks. One of the simplest and fastest online tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms is Remove.bg. It identifies people in frames in a matter of seconds and removes fond in the background.

MakeGirlsMoe app for creating anime characters

It is a generator of anime avatars in deep neural networks. The AI-powered tool lets you create any anime character with minimal effort. For this purpose are used blanks, so the generation takes a few seconds. So far, this is not vector graphics, but the quality of the images promises to improve in the future.

Algorithm for coloring black and white photos

Today, black and white photos are hand-painted in Photoshop. The work is time consuming, so it can take a month or even two to process one image. On one face alone, up to 20 layers are superimposed to get the desired shade. Due to neural networks, manual work that takes weeks can be done in seconds.

Neural network for playing Mario Kart

In 2017, programmer Setbling built and trained a neural network for playing Mario Kart. After showing the program 15 hours of video and clarifying some of its behaviors, he made her win gold in the 50cc Mushroom Cup. Two years ago, he created MarI / O, another neural network that evolved on its own to play Super Mario World.

An application that recreates an object from a drawing

You draw as best you can, and smart neural networks guess and recreate the subject from your drawings. Pix2pix algorithm converts simple sketches into photographs. So far, the application can only “redraw” cats, buildings and shoes, but in the future it will be improved and learned, and most likely from simple entertainment it will become a useful assistant.

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